Then Another Turns
Release Date: 2019

A truly incredible vocalist and a remarkable pianist teamed up to create this recording of beloved jazz standards, with a hauntingly beautiful Michael Le Van/Bill Montemer original composition that will keep you listening over and over.

A Different Shade of Blue
Release Date: 2015

Music-making at its most inspired can become a spiritual experience. By surrendering to music completely without looking back and without projecting into the future, we can truly live in the moment. And it is in those moments that we can feel most deeply. In these very personal compositions, I hope to share the intensity of the times I felt while creating them. The result of these sleepless nights is a program as varied as the many sources of inspiration which led to its making.

The Mike Le Van Duo
Release Date: 2005

These standards have become familiar to all the jazz fans for decades. This CD will take you on a trip from the soft mood of Beautiful Love (Victor Young), through Green Dolphin Street (Kaper/Washington), adding in some Witchcraft (Cy Coleman) with (Charlie Parker's) Billie's Bounce, to Over the Rainbow (Harold Arlen), and many more.

The Mike Le Van Trio
Release Date: 2002

This exciting jazz piano trio breathes new life into seven familiar classics.
Includes: I Hear A Rhapsody, Estate, Invitation, Peace, Some Day My Prince Will Come, Some Other Time, Take Five...
a must listen!

Michael Le Van - In Concert
Release Date: 1983

Michael Le Van - In Concert
Michael goes back to his classical roots in this collection of masterworks by Beethoven, Brahms, Scriabin, Prokofieff and Chopin